Turkey famous for its hospitality, natural beauties and historical heritage offers a wide range of tourism alternatives and welcomes visitors from all over the world any time of the year. Travelers who are fond of nature and diverse cultures will experience unforgettable moments in Turkey. Kindly request our vehicles and tour guides to visit touristic places.


     Turkey is the many cultures and civilizations, connecting Europe and Asia and capital of civilizations that have reined the lands of Anatolia for centuries since the beginning of history, one of the earliest settlements, Anatolia...  
      In the land of Anatolia, many empires ranging from the Sumerians to the Hittites, the Lydians to the Byzantines and the Seljuks to the Ottomans have once thrived and expired within the borders of Turkey.
Ankara is Turkey's capital city, Ankara lies at the heart of Anatolia. It is located in the Central Anatolia Region and home to the Grand National Assembly of Turkey, Ankara became the capital city by the time the Republic of Turkey was established. The hub of many great civilizations with a history dating back to the Stone Age, Ankara and its landmarks are still of great importance in the present day.  Ankara is positioned in the middle of Anatolia and has a continental climate. Winters are cold and snowy whereas summers are hot and dry. Famous for its great museums, parks, honey, Kalecik Karasi grapes and other cultural and historical assets, welcomes visitors during the year. 

Istanbul: A world center of great value in the past as well as in the present, Istanbul embraces Asia on the one hand and Europe on the other. Istanbul, with its historical peninsula, numerous scenic and historical beauties is a magnificently unique city that has been capital to many civilizations from past to present and still continues to be home to residents from all over the world. This rooted city, with a history dating back to 300 thousand years before, constitutes a mosaic of many civilizations and cultures combined.
One may come across legacies and monuments of thousands of years behind any door or around any corner in Istanbul. Whether you take a round tour in Istanbul or visit any of the 39 districts nearby, you will catch hold of various historical and natural wonders any minute.
You may begin your Istanbul tour at the Grand Bazaar that will enchant you with its bright and pleasant environment while a sense of peace and security will wrap you tightly in Hagia Sophia. A tour of the pearl of the Bosporus, Ortaköy, Beşiktaş and Kabataş will let you enjoy the delightful views along the deep blue coast.
With the Black Sea in the north, the Marmara Sea in the south and the Istanbul Strait running in all its glory through the middle of the city, you will experience great moments in Istanbul and witness the unique combination of the Mediterranean and Black Sea climates. You may encounter a hot and humid weather in the summer and a cold and snowy weather in the winter.
Watching the flying seagulls at Eminönü by the time the rising sun illuminates the city, you will notice the docked boats rocking gently as if to greet you. What's more, you won't be able to resist the fresh scent of the city when the first ray of lights illuminate the shimmering fishes swimming around the fishing twines.
The setting sun illuminates the city like a painting every evening. The candle- like silhouettes of the mosques rise above the historical peninsula to greet the city while the sun and the moon salute each other as the day turns into night. Right at that moment you will feel like a sultan in the cradle of civilizations.
Bridging two continents, this unique city, where one can encounter people from different countries and witness diverse cultures merging in harmony, will awaken completely different feelings in you. There is a lot to experience and share in Istanbul. 
Antalya: with a history dating back to 133 BC and a name meaning “Home of Attalos” referring to the founder of the city Attalos, is a peaceful city situated at the slopes of the Taurus Mountains rich in scenic beauties and historical monuments.
Antalya which can be visited any season, is an indispensable touristic destination particularly during the summer. This "blue" city enchants its guests with its beautiful beaches and has the longest coastline in Turkey.
The most striking feature of Antalya are the terrific palm trees of the city which cool you with their shade and accompany you with their breeze on your way. Common in Antalya and adorning the city, palm trees are a sign of the mild Mediterranean climate of the city. Hot and dry during the summer and mild and rainy during the winter the city always gives the feeling of a warm home.
Known as “paradise on earth,” you will get carried away by the splendor of the stage of Aspenodos, the oldest antique theater of Africa and Asia, and behold the glorious stream of the world famous Manavgat waterfall.
The magnificent facilities in the city offer opportunities for many sports. Especially in a city famous for its golf it is only a matter of time that balls find their target. Antalya, one of the leading tourism destinations of Turkey, with its ever growing potential and excellent nature invites its guests for an unforgettable holiday.
Nevsehir - goreme - uchisar : Inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage for its Cappadocia district, Nevsehir fascinates visitors with its natural and historical attractions.
Nevsehir, with its settlements dating back to 7000 BC lived under the rule of many different civilizations. The city was taken by the Ottoman Empire in 1466, and became a province in 1954.
It is possible to sightsee many open-air museums, natural rock churches, valleys and underground cities which are still in good condition today. The Turkish philosopher Haci Bektas Veli and Grand Vizier Damat İbrahim Pasha who lived in this area, contributed to the cultural and touristic development of the city.
Nevsehir is located exactlyat the mid-point of Turkey at the volcanic region between the mountains Erciyes and Hasan. The province is under the effect of the continental climate and is warm and dry during the summer while it is cold and rainy during the winter.
Cappadocia, which has attracted attention for its impressive carstic landscape and natural formations, has also become an important filming location. World famous movies like Ghost Rider 3 was filmed in this area.
You are always welcome to take a tour with a hot air balloon, if you want to view Nevsehir and the natural wonder of Cappadocia from hundresds of meters above the ground!
Muğla, Fethiye, Bodrum at the crossroads of the Aegean and Mediterranean Region, is a piece of paradise comprised of coves such as Bodrum, Marmaris, Fethiye, Gocek and many more. Mugla is an indispensable summer resort offering a myriad of beautiful and unique holiday resorts.
Located at the foot of Mount Hisar, the city, with a history dating back to 3000 BC is home to many ruins and monuments. Mugla is literally an open air museum with 103 historical sites situated within the borders of the province. Situated on the southwestern tip of Turkey, Mugla, reigend by a Mediterranean climate, has the longest coast line of Turkey reaching 110 kilometers. Among one of the cities rich in forests, Mugla receives heavy rain particularly in the winter months.
Famous for its old Greek and Turkish style wooden houses, Mugla preserves its quaint streets and historic monuments in their original state.Vacationers who want to take a sojourn to the heavenly bays and taste the delicacies of the Aegean cuisine are always welcome in the province.
Izmir:  (Cesme - selcuk - Ephesus - Kusadasi )The pearl of the west, is Turkey's third largest city and one of the most important port cities. It has a great nature and a rich historical and cultural heritage.
Also known as Old Izmir, Smyrna, built on an islet of hundred acres flourished into a great center oF civilization over time. Established about 8500 years ago, the city is now home to a variety of world heritages.
The largest city of the Roman Empire which set an example to other ancient cities, Ephesus with its architectural and cultural landmarks is one of the most visited regions near to Selcuk in Izmir province.
The city is known as "beautiful Izmir" as it is blessed with numerous scenic beauties and is under the effect of the Mediterranean climate. The summer is hot and dry where as the winter is mild. Lush for all seasons, Izmir is one of the biggest pine nut production areas.
One of the most beautiful descriptions of this city was made by Herodotus, who was also from Izmir: “they have founded the city under the most beautiful sky and the best climate that we know on Earth." Thus, the city has earned its place in history.
Izmir, with its thriving investments and developing façade, has become a cultural capital of the Aegean and is rapidly on the way of becoming a world trademark. Wouldn't you like to get to know this thriving capital of the Aegean region?
Bursa: The first capital of the Ottoman Empire with a history dating back to 4000BC at the heart of the silk and spice trade and Turkey's fourth largest and advanced city.
The city which has been the capital of many civilizations and religions for centuries is the hub of many monuments and historical works nowadays. The city's skyline is comprised of historical landmarks varying from mosques to madrasas and from churches to baths.
Attracting attention for its natural beauty as well as its rich cultural heritage Bursa is also a much preferred holiday resort for winter sports. Uludağ in Bursa is frequented by both winter and outdoor sports enthusiasts.
Home to many Islamic, Christian and Jewish monuments Bursa has also been the site of numerous council meetings which are of great importance to Christians. Within the province of Bursa, Iznik is the most important of the eight Christian pilgrimage sites located in Turkey.  
Well-known for its large shopping centers, bazaars and museums Bursa has a temperate climate. The region is cool in the summer and mild in the winter.
One of the most important contributions of Bursa to the history of Turkish culture is the Karagöz and Hacivat shadow theater. Shadow Theater has reached the land of Bursa in the 17th century and become an important corner stone of Turkish culture since then.

Yalova: Surrounded by the Marmara Sea, Yalova is a peaceful and relaxing city rich in thermal springs and abundant nature.
It is estimated that Yalova was founded in the 7th century BC by Bithynians from Thrace. Yalova is rich in historical monuments as it has been home to many civilizations through the centuries.
The province is also rich in natural resources and welcomes a great number of visitors at its thermal facilities.
Yalova, with its thermal facilities, welcomes all visitors looking for relaxation within easy reach. 
Sakarya: is one of Turkey's fastest developing cities surrounded by a lush green landscape abounding in natural wonders.
With a history dating back to the 8th century, the city has been one of the main settlements of major empires.  Naturally, the region abounds in historical sites belonging to ancient times.  Kerpe and Sapanca regions will be nice to visit, they are very near to Sakarya..
Also called Adapazari as it is intertwined with Adapazri district, Sakarya abounds in rivers, springs and waterfalls. The area has a transition climate between Black Sea and Mediterranean climate and has diverse weather conditions.A charming little getaway located in the vicinity of Istanbul, Sakarya is waiting to welcome you. 
Rize is blessed with the most beautiful nature that has been preserved over the centuries. The fresh air of Rize has a regenerative effect on you with every breath you take. 
Located in the greenest area of Turkey, the Eastern Black Sea Region, Rize is renowned for its unique architecture, delicious cuisine and the hospitality of the local people.
The mild and snowy winters provide for an ideal setting for the practice of winter sports such as skiing and mountaineering. The cool summer months, on the other hand, let one experience four seasons in one day. Rize which receives rainfall in every season is one of the few regions scented with the intense smell of lush nature.
Enshrouded in a fairytale landscape with high mountains, icy rivers and misty highlands getting foggy before sunrise, the city still bears the traces of village life.
Furthermore, Rize has a rich variety of natural and cultural assets to offer such as the Firtina Stream, wooden houses, corn bread or knitted booties.
Trabzon: Mentioned in the memoirs of Marco Polo andEvliya Çelebi, Trabzon, with its cultural andnatural riches, is a livablecity throughout the seasons.
The city, which was initially named asTrazepos, lies in a beautifulcountrysidebetweenthe Black Seacoast and themountainsZigane.
The city, which had lived under the reign of many civilizations throughout centuries, was taken by Sultan Mehmet the Conqueror during the Ottoman Conquest. It eventually became a city of the Republic of Turkey that was founded in 1923.
The festivities and activities organized in this city, famous for its folk dances and authentic instrument, the fiddle, provide for great entertainment.
Trabzon attracts the attention primarily for its silver and gold processing; and is famous for its specially designed bracelets called "Trabzon Bileziği."
A trading center of increasing value Trabzon, thanks to its rainy climate, is also rich in fertile lands.
Adana: One of the most beautiful cities of the Mediterranean and particularly well-known for its cuisine Adana has a variety of cultural and historical values worth exploring.
Adana, the fifth largest city of Turkey, was founded by the Luvi Kingdom connected to the Hittites in 2000 BC. The home of ten great civilizations Adana is home to both traditional and modern structures.
Located by the amazingly beautiful Seyhan River in Çukurova region, which is situated south of the Taurus Mountains and well known for its cotton fields, Adana has a mild Mediterranean climate. While summers are hot and dry in Adana winters are mild and rainy.The land of numerous monuments from antiquity to the present, Adana welcomes tourists any time of the year.  
Kayseri: A cultural mosaic of diverse civilizations and home to innumerable natural wonders, Kayseri has been Anatolia's most important commercial center for many centuries.
Founded by the Hittite around 4000BC and surrounded by numerous mounds and tumuli, Kayseri province sheds light on Anatolian history.
Nestled in the foothills of Mount Erciyes, one of the highest peaks of Turkey, Kayseri has a Central Anatolian climate. The hot and dry summer months are followed by cold and snowy winters.
Kayseri with its feast-worthy cuisine, peculiar landmarks and fairytale- like landscape is ever ready to welcome visitors.
Bolu: Well known for its cuisine and great contributions to Turkish culinary culture, Bolu ranks also among the cities that fascinate visitors with their lush nature.
The early settlement of the city dates back to 5500 BC but Bolu has retained its importance and original façade from the ancient times to the present day.
Located in the Western Black Sea region and home to the most beautiful landscape, Bolu offers completely different scenic views in every season.
Edirne: One of Turkey's border cities and gateway to the West, a charming city with a fascinating nature and cultural heritage
Founded by the Thracians that migrated from Middle Asia in the ancient times, the city was named, “Paşa Sancağı” (an administrative division) during the Ottoman era. Edirne grew in importance as it served as capital city for 92 years after it was taken by the Ottomans.  
Edirne province, which stretches along the Meriç River, is situated south of the Istranca Mountains. Edirne is under the effect of a continental climate. The long and cold winter months are followed by warm summer months.
Edirne, abounding in historical buildings and structures, has also many places worth seeing and many delicacies worth trying. A cultural mosaic, the city will embrace you with its hospitable inhabitants.
Are you ready to meet Edirne, one the most beautiful cities of western Turkey?
Well-known since the Ottoman Era for its talented cooks, the province has made major contributions to the Turkish and Ottoman cuisine and has become the cradle of the world's most successful chefs.
The venue of many festivals Bolu welcomes visitors any season of the year offering both scenic beauties and tasty dishes. Tourists who want to explore what Bolu has to offer are welcome any time of the year.